Monday, June 13, 2011

1300 Things: Week 24

575.  Funny people. Yeah, I'm talking to you!  
576.  Cake pops! Of course cake would be even awesomer on a stick!   
577.  Puffy yellow skirts by jean paul gaultier.   
578.  Blue & white geometric patterns on a well fitted top.  
579.  My outfit for this years SF Etsy Craft Party (of which I was one of the organizers):: 

580.  The My Girl Thursday apron that I have was a PERFECT match for my outfit. Lookie Here!
581.  Bake Sales.       
582.  Black Jet Baking. My mouth has a crush on the Cornmeal Shorites (shortbread). 
583.  Putting my swollen aching feet up onto a fluffy pillow.   
584.  The generosity of strangers when asked to aid someone in need.      
585.  My comfort with speaking in front of large crowds.        
587.  Sharp scissors.
588.  Brightly colored felt unicorns.       
589.  Fabric covered storage buckets. 
590.  Serrano Chile salted caramels from a friend.           
591.  Caramelized Onion dip from Trader Joe's. Even the label is stylishly cute! 
592.  This house. Everything about it excites me. 

593.  All of the response to the newly launched "Dear Rosco" column.      
594.  Finally using iMovie to edit a video for a vlog. (still tons to learn) 
595.  That I am still loving my haircut.     
596.  The way that a strong wind sounds whilst up in my 3rd floor flat.    
597.  Olive green & lime green skinny stripes.   
598.  The X-Men movies. (yeah.. really)  
599.  I love this song, in all it's variations. Especially the one in this video::

What's your favorite childhood song?

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